Childbirth Education

Holistic Family Doulas is proud to offer mothers and families affordable and accessible options for childbirth education.  Throughout the year, we offer group workshops in the western suburbs of Chicago so we can prepare you for both before and after birth. In addition we can customize individual options in the comfort of your own home.

Holistic Childbirth Education with Holistic Family Doulas

Join us in a beautiful, relaxing space at The Newton House in Batavia for a holistically-minded and interactive childbirth education class. Errin Bald, experienced and knowledgeable doula and birth educator, will be sharing interesting and helpful information to better prepare you and your partner for your birth. The class will be tailored to those attending and will be relevant if you are birthing at a hospital, birth center or at home. This class can be taken at any stage in your pregnancy journey.

Topics covered include:

    • How the complex hormones like oxytocin + adrenaline affect labor
    • Ways you can support your body’s birth process before and during labor
    • Labor signs and the physiological stages of labor
    • Understanding station, effacement and dilation
    • Important movements and positions that can move baby lower in the pelvis
    • Coping with labor at the different stages
    • Ways your partner can best support your labor
    • Creative ways to labor at home, hospital or birth center
    • When to know your labor is progressing and it’s time to head in or call your midwife
    • Essentials and optional tools to support birth no matter where you are birthing
    • The placenta, it’s important role and ways to honor or preserve it after birth
    • What happens with your body and with your baby in immediate postpartum
    • Ways to support a healing and holistic postpartum period

A portion of the class will be devoted to practicing breathwork and the various movements and labor positions so you and your partner are familiar and ready for the day labor begins. Dress comfortably! No need to bring anything aside from water, a snack and note-taking material if you would like. We will have handouts for you.

As a special gift, each couple will walk away with items for their birth & postpartum bag:

    • Nourishing herbal tea blend for pregnancy + postpartum
    • Labor comb to help manage labor sensations
    • First 48-hour postpartum meal guide
    • Discounts on private education classes with Errin
    • And more!

Schedule your class as soon as possible as space is limited! Errin will be reaching out to you ahead of the class to learn more about you and your upcoming birth. Please note: you do not have to be partnered to attend! Each birthing person can bring one support person, whether a partner, family member or friend.


$245 per couple
$220 per couple for Holistic Family clients

Next Workshop:
July 27th, 2024 


Private Childbirth, Newborn Care & Postpartum Classes

Private, customized, in-person classes

Are you looking for a class on childbirth that is comprehensive and conveniently fits in your schedule? Parents love this option because they can fill in gaps that may have been missing from their own education or classes and you name the time, place and topics we discuss.

We will customize a childbirth education class based on your needs and interests. Choose a class on a topic of your choice and enjoy learning about birth + postpartum alongside a partner or loved one from the comfort of your home.

We highly recommend all classes are taken during your pregnancy. If preferred, the newborn care class could be taken in the first couple weeks post-birth.

All classes are:

  • Private and available in the comfort of your home 
    • Virtual options also available
    • Additional meeting spaces available if preferred
  • Two-hours and include a packet with notes and key takeaways, as well as a follow-up email with resources and referrals discussed.
    •  With time during each class to ask questions and go deeper on topics that are of interest

Here are some available topics and class suggestions:

  • Preparing for a Physiological Birth: Understanding Labor, Hormones + Coping (home, birth center or hospital)
  • Holistic Birth in the Hospital: Birth Planning + Hospital Prep
  • Homebirth Planning + Prep
  • Preparing for a Cesarean Birth: Before, During + After
  • Creating a Healing + Holistic Postpartum Period: Support, Nutrition, Rest + Warmth
  • Holistic Newborn Care in the First Weeks
  • Understanding + Troubleshooting Newborn Sleep

This class is conducted either in downtown St. Charles or in the comfort of your own home.

If you are interested in a private class, email us at info(at)holisticfamilydoulas(dot)com.

Join us!

 Ready to enroll in a childbirth education class?

It Takes a Village

In previous eras, pregnant women and their families had the support of their entire communities. Today, we are often geographically separated from our families and disconnected from our communities. At Holistic Family Doulas we want to create a bridge between the conveniences of the modern world and the interpersonal connections of forgotten eras. We seek to provide a safe, relaxing, and nurturing experience for women and their families. Whether you’re pregnant and preparing for birth or navigating the challenges of infertility, we’ll be your village.


“Go to their workshops. I learned so much from Cote and Lara. They truly carry a wealth of knowledge between them and have a genuine passion for supporting families. The postpartum workshop I attended was great because it was specific, covered important topics, and gave us hands-on activities for great postpartum care. Looking forward to future workshops by Holistic Family Doulas!”
Isabel Gonzalez-Smith
Her birth preparation class was fantastic and converted my husband into a dude-la. 😊 There are no words for this type of loving support and how it protects and nourishes a new mama's mind, body, and spirit.
Cat Alfonso
I took a class with Lara and Cote on preparing for postpartum. I was very happy for the experience! I loved that the class was hands on and individualized to our group. I even got some goodies to take home. This class really helped me think about the postpartum period and what my needs might be. The ladies are very professional but down to earth and easy to relate to. I felt very comfortable talking about childbirth. I would recommend any of their services.
Angel Hernandez
My partner and I took her birthing class which was very informative and hands on.
Becky A.
My husband and I took Lara’s birthing class which was so helpful when it came time to labor - the positions and what to expect.
Kathryn Gallagher
We were also able to take an in-person birthing class with Lara and a few other first time parents. This was easily my favorite part, as having a baby in covid times means all learning seems to be powerpoint driven and I just don’t learn well that way.
S & G Simms