Childbirth Education

Holistic Family Doulas is proud to offer mothers and families affordable and accessible options for childbirth education.  Throughout the year, we offer group workshops in the western suburbs of Chicago so we can prepare you for both before and after birth. In addition we can customize individual options in the comfort of your own home.

Birthworks Childbirth, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Care Class

2 Part Group Class

Take a deep dive into accessing your inner knowledge of how to give birth and your transition to postpartum in this 2-part childbirth class. You’ll learn from doula and childbirth educator, Jenny Showalter-Miller, as she share information to prepare you for your big day, leaving you confident and ready to make decisions for your birth. Make new parent friends!

Here are some of the topics:

  • Understand how your baby, body, and hormones are working for you
  • Trust that your body was meant to do this through an integrated approach of mind, body, and spirit
  • Learn extremely helpful exercises to do daily in pregnancy
  • Practice hands-on coping/comfort mechanisms to work through labor waves
  • Learn all the stages of labor and what to expect
  • Practice meditation and breathing
  • Bond over similar fears and how we can overcome them
  • How to navigate the hospital and birth centers through informed consent
  • Natural and Medical Pain relief options
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Preparation
  • Newborn Care

Cost: $295 per couple/$270 per couple for birth clients
Next Workshop:
Wednesday, October 11th 6:30-9:00pm AND Friday, October 13th 5:30-8:30pm Hanson Family Chiropractic, Batavia, IL

Group Class
Let’s Talk about Birth, Baby!
This 4.5 hour workshop is designed specifically for the mother and her labor partner to help them enjoy their pregnancy and prepare for labor and delivery.

Through education, discussion and hands-on demonstration, parents will gain confidence about what to expect and how to cope with the birthing process. Topics include: Pregnancy exercises and stretches for comfort and optimal fetal positioning, common pregnancy symptoms and what to do, stages of labor and what to expect at each stage; when to go to the hospital, use of tools like a Rebozo and birthing ball for comfort positioning. meditation and affirmations, bag of tricks (aromatherapy, hot and cold, etc,) , communication skills and positioning for delivery.

Cost: $250 per couple (discount for HFD clients)
Next Workshop:
Novwember 5th, 2023 8:30 AM-1:00 PM, St. Charles, IL

Customized Childbirth Class

4 hour, private, in-person workshop
Are you looking for a class on childbirth that is comprehensive and conveniently fits in your schedule? Parents love this option because they can fill in gaps that may have been missing from their own education or classes and you name the time, place, and topics we discuss.
Holistic Family Doulas will customize a childbirth education class based on your needs and interests. You will be given a list of topics to rank and a course will be put together just for you.

During these courses, parents will receive education on the pregnant body, physiology and comfort measures, informed consent, how to have a physiologic birth, hands-on work that go over positions and comfort techniques for labor, breastfeeding tips, birth hormones, creating birth affirmations, and postpartum and newborn care.
This class is conducted either in downtown St. Charles or in the comfort of your own home.

Cost: $275 per couple

Your Safety is Our Priority

We host CDC compliant workshops; our class size is super limited, masks are required, we provide frequent sanitizing, and the class is held outdoors (weather permitting). Ready to enroll in a childbirth education class?

It Takes a Village

In previous eras, pregnant women and their families had the support of their entire communities. Today, we are often geographically separated from our families and disconnected from our communities. At Holistic Family Doulas we want to create a bridge between the conveniences of the modern world and the interpersonal connections of forgotten eras. We seek to provide a safe, relaxing, and nurturing experience for women and their families. Whether you’re pregnant and preparing for birth or navigating the challenges of infertility, we’ll be your village.


“Go to their workshops. I learned so much from Cote and Lara. They truly carry a wealth of knowledge between them and have a genuine passion for supporting families. The postpartum workshop I attended was great because it was specific, covered important topics, and gave us hands-on activities for great postpartum care. Looking forward to future workshops by Holistic Family Doulas!”
Isabel Gonzalez-Smith
Her birth preparation class was fantastic and converted my husband into a dude-la. 😊 There are no words for this type of loving support and how it protects and nourishes a new mama's mind, body, and spirit.
Cat Alfonso
I took a class with Lara and Cote on preparing for postpartum. I was very happy for the experience! I loved that the class was hands on and individualized to our group. I even got some goodies to take home. This class really helped me think about the postpartum period and what my needs might be. The ladies are very professional but down to earth and easy to relate to. I felt very comfortable talking about childbirth. I would recommend any of their services.
Angel Hernandez
My partner and I took her birthing class which was very informative and hands on.
Becky A.
My husband and I took Lara’s birthing class which was so helpful when it came time to labor - the positions and what to expect.
Kathryn Gallagher
We were also able to take an in-person birthing class with Lara and a few other first time parents. This was easily my favorite part, as having a baby in covid times means all learning seems to be powerpoint driven and I just don’t learn well that way.
S & G Simms