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What is a Holistic Doula, and other FAQs - Holistic Family Doulas

What is a Holistic Doula, and other FAQs

What is a Holistic Doula, and Other FAQs

Holistic Family Doulas is a team of committed professionals who view birth as a sacred space that will be remembered for the rest of your life. We believe fully in our role as a birth keeper, where we witness your choices enacted into unique experiences that have never come before, and will never be repeated. We honor each journey and hold space, share wisdom, and offer support with knowledge, experience, and intuition. Here are some common questions about doula support.

Q: What is a holistic doula?
A: Holistic doula care addresses the mind, body, and spirit through a variety of tools and products picked up from holistic doula training certifications and intuitive healing practices.

Q: What types of tools and practices do you use in your holistic doula care?
A: We use meditation, exercises, positions, organic products, reiki, and intuition to help you understand your beliefs about birth, increase awareness of your body’s energy, and explore your fears as part of preparing for birth and parenting.

Q: How are doulas and midwives different?
A: Your midwife or doctor is the person who is responsible for medical decisions while attending to your prenatal care and labor. They care and appreciate the process of birth, but they are not present as connected support to you and your birth like a doula.

When you hire a doula, you are opting to bring a person into your space who is aware of you at all times in labor and birth. Your doula is with you, for you, and supporting you when you are learning, processing, choosing, working, and rejoicing your birth. Also, in situations where there is a disappointment, unmet goals, and delicate outcomes, your doula is still there, aware of the vast emotional landscape, offering options, a calm respite, and solidarity through your experiences.

Q: Does a doula replace the father or partner at the birth?
A: Absolutely not. As a holistic doula team, we understand the vital work your relationship has undergone to reach this point. We hope to celebrate with all the people you want in attendance at your birth, support them as they participate in your delivery as they are able, and suggest ways to bring you and your partner together in the adrenaline-rich stunned-wonder that can freeze even the most prepared couple.

Q: Will a doula be helpful if I’m planning to have an epidural?
A: An epidural is a tool that can offer pain relief in labor. However, labor is not merely about pain management. Having a doula for your birth allows for support through decisions in early labor, help to unpack your comfort and questions with possible interventions, and give you physical and emotional care once you have had your epidural placed.

Working through labor with an epidural still requires nuance and care. A doula encourages your pelvis to remain dynamic when you are not able to leave a bed and helps you stay connected to your experience.

Q: When should I hire a doula?
A: With Holistic Family Doulas, we recommend you look into doula care and make your decisions between 26-32 weeks, if not before!  The earlier the better as we are full of knowledge about providers, and have a ton of referrals when you need something else like a recommended massage therapist or chiropractor.   We like to allow time for two prenatal meetings and to build a relationship. However, we have been able to accommodate clients after 32 weeks gestation-up until the birth! Your choice to hire a doula reflects your style and preference, and we respect that your timeline is individual.