Virtual Doula Support with Holistic Family Doulas

A global pandemic does not erase the need for support in pregnancy and labor. And with your safety and the safety of our community as a priority, we are still here for you in new ways.  

We are committed to families birthing in the Chicago Area and western suburbs. With new hospital policies limiting the number of support allowed in the labor and delivery rooms across the area, we want to be a part of a solution for families looking for information and encouragement. If you are curious about if your birthing location has changed its policy of support people, there is an updated list at Birthguide Chicago    


What does virtual doula support look like? 

Prenatally, it looks a lot like your computer or phone – because that is where we’ll be! While we want to be with you in person, we are moving those prenatal meetings to video meetings, and additional phone conversations. 

For families who have hired Holistic Family Doulas in the past, we have always been available throughout a person’s pregnancy for texts and phone calls. Adding video support allows us to see your expressions, read your body language, and connect with eye contact. All small but important parts of being present and attuned to your needs. 

We are also happy to have options available for families looking for support outside of virtual labor support packages. We want as many people to have care and information as possible, so we have expanded our care to offer single video meetings or smaller packages. 

Some topics that can be covered:  

  • How to prepare for birthing a time when you are a well-person giving birth in a facility that may be caring for very sick individuals.
  • How to know you are in labor
  • What to do when you lose your mucus plug
  • How to make the choice to go to the hospital
  • Procedures and interventions that could be suggested
  • Knowing how you can interact with the medical equipment
  • What will happen in the first hours after birth…and more 


 COVID-19 will impact your birth experience, and we want you to have prepared questions and tools to feel safe and advocate for your needs. 

This is a very emotional time, with many uncertainties. We want to help you find ways to focus your energy, and practice grounding methods to help keep the overwhelming stress and anxiety at bay. 

You can visit our new Virtual Service page to see all of the care we are adding to our virtual support.