She is warm, friendly and my experience with her was wonderful.

Lara and I met during my 38th week of pregnancy. Despite being given such short notice, she was availble to assist me right away. We discussed my birth plan which was a natural, unmedicated delivery but I had to be flexible because I’d just learned that my baby was in the breech position. Upon receiving this news, Lara quickly provided me with literature on how to naturally turn babies and even came to my home to help me perform inversions and other baby coaxing exercises. She was always available by phone or email if I needed to contact her for any reason.

My delivery date came and went and my baby’s position did not change; I was scheduled for a c-section. Although my surgery was not until hours later, Lara came to the hospital at 5am to provide support as I received my last ultrasound to confirm the baby’s position. I was very frightened and anxious about having a Caesarean. Lara helped me calm down by creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room; I was given lavender to enhale and the lights were dimmed.

Lara was not able to stay for the actual delivery. She’d recently lost a loved one and had a funeral to attend in the afternoon. In the days prior, she’d facilitated contact with my secondary doula and the transition was seamless. Once I delivered she reached out to see how baby and I were doing and came to visit once I returned home.

I am more than pleased with the care provided by Lara. She is warm, friendly and my experience with her was wonderful.