I can’t say enough about Lara as my doula!

“I can’t say enough about Lara as my doula! I could not have had the smooth, successful natural birth without her. At the beginning of my labor, I was having contractions every two to three minutes but they were not strong yet. Lara came to my home and helped me through the contractions. She slept on my floor to make sure she was there for me when the contractions started to get stronger. She did a serious of exercises with me to help me open my pelvis and make sure the baby was in a good position. She did a hip release off the side of my bed and a bunch of positions with the Rebozo that felt great on my back! She met us in at the hospital and was instrumental in figuring out my needs. There would be water there when I didn’t ask but needed it! The room smelled wonderful and she worked well as part of the birth team!

My mom, husband, and her were seamless in their support of my labor. She helped coach with the midwife during pushing and was awesome to have to help make sure breastfeeding was established. I am extremely grateful to her and plan to hire her again for my second child. I recommend her highly and am happy to talk to anyone that is thinking about hiring her.”