Reiki For Postpartum Healing

Postpartum healing and recovery are one of the great myths of childbirth. With expectations of bouncing back, or of 40 days of rest and solitude, most people fall short of either ideal extreme. The spectrum of healing is vast, and there are too few stories of how those in the majority are managing their care after birth. We hope to share how on Reiki may be a recovery aid for those people who are in the majority, looking for options on how to cope with life after birth.

Postpartum recovery is usually referring to the period in the first weeks and months after a person has a baby.

However, we take a much wider stance – postpartum is not a specific state, but a new normal. Postpartum refers to someone who has given birth, and the end of someone’s postpartum recovery is self-defined by those experiencing it.


There is a tremendous amount of mental weight, or emotional labor, that exists after birth. This work is ongoing, and many say it feels overwhelming. If you are a first-time parent, it is a part of the shock of your new responsibilities. Your child can have everything he or she needs to be content for a time, but it is hard to turn off your worry or need to do or act. There is perhaps a buzz in your body that tells you over and over; the baby will wake up as soon as I rest, so be ready. Are they ok? Why aren’t they waking up yet?


Living in the moment is forced upon you while your baby is awake, and seems impossible when your baby is sleeping.


We are living in a new wave of mindfulness. It is one of the buzz words with “self-care” and “wholehearted living” that gets used a lot with good reason. Our world is moving faster than ever and is pounding stimulation at us. Bluelight-blocking glasses now exist because of how much time we are spending on devices. To balance all of the external sources vying for our attention, to rest, we need to spend time with ourselves.


Enter Reiki. As we mentioned in our last piece “Reiki is a specific form of energy healing that works with the Universal Life Energy in us all. Different cultures throughout the world use different names to refer to this Universal Life Energy, but the theme is the same – there is a current that connects all living things, and that animates us. When we seek connection with that current, there can be a great benefit to both the giver and receiver.”


Reiki sessions for postpartum women can help to ground your body and mind and help to reduce fear and anxiety by connecting with Life Energy.  Feelings of wellbeing and a sense of calm are common reactions after having a session. Reiki can aid to foster connection and bonding between the mother and baby, as well, which is helpful for those looking for support after a difficult birth.


Each Reiki session is focused on the individual and their unique needs in that session. Sometimes that is releasing fears or calming the mind, and sometimes it’s opening up one of the blocked chakras like the heart or sacral.


Past clients have found Reiki helpful for:

  • Clearing fear-based energy (yours or others)
  • Clearing the mind and improving focus
  • Connecting with baby
  • Emotional stress
  • Fear releasing
  • Improving blood pressure
  • Increasing energy
  • Insomnia
  • Releasing birth trauma
  • Relieving aches and pain from tension
  • Surrender


If you are interested in learning more, please contact us for more information.