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Four Hour Customized Childbirth Education Class

Are you looking for a class on childbirth that is comprehensive and conveniently fits in your schedule?

Holistic Family Doulas can customize a childbirth education class based on your needs and interests.  This class is conducted either in downtown St. Charles or in the comfort of your own home.

During these courses, parents will receive education on the pregnant body and physiology and comfort measures, informed consent, how to have a physiologic birth, positions in labor, comfort in labor, breastfeeding education, birth hormones, creating birth affirmations and postpartum and newborn care.


*discounted rates for existing birth clients

Pre-labor Mommy~Moon

Anxious as your due date is approaching?  Those last few weeks can be trying on some women- from not being able to get comfortable, to feeling worried about your due date and birth.  In this one to two hour session, you will be pampered with tea, massage, rebozo work, meditation and acupressure points so you can truly enjoy and savor the last few weeks. 

Women have reported great outcomes from this session.  At the end of our time together you will feel relaxed, reassured and more prepared for labor.


Call us to schedule your Mommy~Moon Session

Singing Bowl Meditation

Singing bowl meditation is an excellent self-care practice during pregnancy and postpartum. Vibrational therapy can help build the connection between your body and the universe.  Music and sound are widely recognized in various cultures around the world as sources of healing and improving spiritual alignment. As you hold new life within you, singing bowls can help you resonate with your baby creating a beautiful, stronger bond through this experience.  Pregnancy is an intimate journey impacting your whole body, emotions, and psyche.  At times, you might find that your partner is feeling disconnected from the process. A singing bowl meditation is a great way to invite your partner to join you to resonate with you and your baby.

After you give birth the vibration of singing bowls and guided meditations can help you to reconnect with your body, to center yourself in this new stage of life and to move forward with a sense of peace.



Reiki can help with many emotional and physical issues that you might experience during and after pregnancy. The gentle and balancing energies from Reiki can’t do any harm but can be incredibly beneficial to you and your baby by calming anxieties which are often associated with pregnancy,  pending motherhood and during the postpartum period

Expectant and new mothers are often told to “enjoy their pregnancy” or “enjoy your baby”  but some times common health issues can make this harder.  Reiki can be a great ally that goes beyond just the physical body to provide emotional and spiritual support by helping to create a deep sense of peace and relaxation to mother and child.

Receiving Reiki during and after your pregnancy can be a gentle and powerful experience, it is a non-invasive treatment that can help with different symptoms like:

  • tiredness
  • low back pain
  • morning sickness
  • emotional changes
  • stress
  • fear about pending motherhood
  • anxiety
  • post partum imbalances, etc


$125 for a combination Reiki and Singing Bowl Session

Henna Belly Art

While pregnant,  it is important to find different ways to pamper and take care of ourselves.  While transforming and evolving into a new stage of your life, sometimes it is hard to find a meaningful way to make yourself feel good.

Decorating your body with meaningful art can be a powerful ritual to experience. Using images of opening flowers, sun rays, waves and spirals can help you remember to allow your body to open to the new changes ahead, to flow like water and to be ready to move in new directions as your birth unfolds.

The henna paste used to create your “henna tattoo”  it’s safe to use during pregnancy, and even though you can have your belly decorated at any time during pregnancy, having your third-trimester belly decorated by a local artist can be a beautiful moment to enjoy by yourself or surrounded by your loved ones.

Celebrate your pregnancy with this all natural and botanical form of art!

Ranges from $80-130 depending on art