All mothers are unique

We join you on your path to parenthood by offering education and support for a positive and healthy pregnancy and birth. We also provide relaxation support to help new mothers and moms-to-be cope with any physical, mental, and emotional challenges they may experience.

Because no journey to motherhood is the same, we provide customized, unbiased education, guidance, and support for women and their partners to plan their baby’s birth with confidence. Learn more about our services, or contact our founder Lara Lasky to set up a consultation.

Prenatal Education & Support

Continuous Care & Birthing Support

Whether you’re planning to give birth in a hospital or at home, our doulas are with you every step of the way, providing continuous care and support on the big day.

With your birth doula on your team, you’ll gain: 

  • Physical and emotional support during early-active labor to help you decide when to go to the hospital.
  • Continuous care during labor, including using your desired comfort measures, e.g. massage, aromatherapy, hot-and-cold therapy, music, guided meditation, Reiki, and Reflexology. We’re here to help you feel as comfortable, safe, and cared for as possible.  
  • Help for both you and your partner so you both of you can stay balanced, grounded, and empowered leading up to and throughout labor and delivery. Unlike hospital staff, your doula is there for you and you alone; we have no other mothers to look after when you’re delivering. We provide continuous care and support until your baby is safely in your arms.

It Takes a Village

In previous eras, pregnant women and their families had the support of their entire communities. Today, we are often geographically separated from our families and disconnected from our communities. At Holistic Family Doulas we want to create a bridge between the conveniences of the modern world and the interpersonal connections of forgotten eras. We seek to provide a safe, relaxing, and nurturing experience for women and their families. Whether you’re pregnant and preparing for birth or navigating the challenges of infertility, we’ll be your village.


“Working with Lara was the best decision I made for my delivery. As last minute as I was(SUPER LAST MINUTE), she made it all work with me. I'm so happy she was there, as soon as she was, I felt more at ease and more comfortable. I turned to her for knowledge and solace. It was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect and my anxiety was through the roof. She was extremely patient with me and was there every step of the way. She made sure to look out for my best interests in labor and delivery, my golden hour with my babe and helped me with latching and breastfeeding. After delivery, she came to check on us and always sent a text every now and again to see how we were and if we needed anything. I've recommended her to family and friends whenever anyone has asked for a doula. And I will continue to recommend her and her business to anyone! Thank you to this wonderful practice!”
Nicolette Gleespen
“If you’re looking for a doula, get Lara!! It’s almost a month after my delivery and I still think about my experience and her help and support throughout my pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. I had a successful VBac solely because of her. She helped me prepare beforehand mentally and physically. Her role was monumental in not only mentally supporting me but also respecting and following through with my wishes for the birth until the end. This had become a bit of a challenge because on the day of the delivery I had a precipitous labor and had to call 911. Nothing was the same, not even the hospital and Lara made it just in time to be with me to advocate for me and help me with the pain (no epidural). Lara went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, all my needs were met and I was supported in every way possible which would have been impossible had she not been there and I’m not exaggerating. No one can replace a doula, I wish I knew this for my first birth. Thanks for the successful Vbac Lara!!”
Hapden Fam
“Lara is a fantastic doula, I am so thankful we worked with her during the birth of my daughter. She was extremely helpful throughout the third trimester, being available to answer all my questions, giving helpful suggestions and insight as we made decisions throughout the pregnancy. I can't imagine getting through such a long labor without her being present. She was a huge advocate and support physically and emotionally for me throughout the process. I would absolutely recommend her!”
Michelle Sidney
“My husband and I are indebted to Lara and Cote for the love and support they gave us before, during and after the birth of our son. Lara led us through a very thorough prenatal session where we learned relaxation and pain management techniques for those later, uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy as well as for during labor. And she was our sense of calm during my 28-hour labor. I was able to labor at home for 17 hours. Their line of holistic products (tea, lotion, balm, etc) were nice additions for extra relief both before and after birth. It’s so nice to have trusted guidance from experts during such a sacred time.”
Kristen Guzzardo
“Lara was such a wonderful helper during my labor with my daughter. She was a wonderful advocate for me and provided much needed support and encouragement. I'm so grateful that we had her as part of my delivery support team.”
Jessica Mojica
“Lara and Cote are the best... their calming energy was the first thing my husband and I noticed and appreciated when we met for our consultation. And I would say that was the constant theme throughout prenatal, birth and postnatal support with Lara... she brought so much calm to an otherwise stressful and chaotic situation. Lara took us through a thorough prenatal session, which was amazing as a first time mom who hadn't read every book out there. And I was able to labor at home for 17 hours with Lara's help with pain management techniques and tactics to progress the labor. They have a line of holistic products that brought a lot of calm and relief before and after pregnancy. I trust these women to support my and my child's well-being.”
Kristen G.
“These women are so fantastic and nurturing, you'd be hard pressed to find better doulas and better post-care anywhere in the west suburbs. Lara and Cote are amazing.”
Erin D.
When I think back to the birth of our son I will always think of Lara. Aside from the coaching and encouragement there were so many little things she did to make my time in labor feel calm and special. I’ll never forget laboring in my bed while she rubbed my back giving my husband a chance to get some rest before the big event.
Ellen Dougherty
I am forever grateful to have had Lara by my side when my daughter was born! I am so glad to have found such a great doula and friend!
Jamie Lynn
After giving birth to my son, my husband immediately sang Renee’s praises and admitted to me that he had been wrong. He agreed that everyone needs a doula and he didn’t know what we would have done without her!
Marysia Do