Honor Your Pregnancy

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Growing new life inside of you is such a blessing and can be a magical time. This gift goes by quickly and should be savored as much as possible. We offer services that can help honor you as the mother and your pregnancy.

Treat yourself!



Reiki is a specific form of energy healing that works with the Universal Life Energy in us all. Different cultures throughout the world use different names to refer to this Universal Life Energy, but the theme is the same – there is a current that connects all living things, and that animates us. And when we seek connection with that current, there can be a great benefit to both the giver and receiver.


We offer Reiki to our pregnant clients for deep relaxation, to speed recovery, and reduce pain. We love working with each person to understand what they are looking for from a Reiki session, and how we can create an incredible experience.


Having Reiki during pregnancy is a unique way to find a connection to your inner voice and your unborn child. The work of centering, connecting to, and tuning into one’s energy is a natural holistic process that allows for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
While going through pregnancy, it is not uncommon to feel out of control of your body. Going through such a large life-changing experience can also dredge up past feelings that have not been settled or healed completely. Having Reiki during pregnancy is a chance to connect and recover, and could help regain a sense of control.


Here are a few ways Reiki may be beneficial for you during your pregnancy:

  • Strengthen the bond between you and your child.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, and increase feelings of calm.
  • Unlock fears or blocked chakras
  • Reduce feelings of fatigue and nausea.
  • Help with insomnia
  • Body aches

COST: $80-125/Session depending on needs; Discount for birth and postpartum clients; Donation only for those that have experienced a miscarriage 

Henna Belly Art

While pregnant, it is important to find different ways to pamper and take care of ourselves. While transforming and evolving into a new stage of your life, sometimes it is hard to find a meaningful way to make yourself feel good.

Decorating your body with meaningful art can be a powerful ritual to experience. Using images of opening flowers, sun rays, waves and spirals can help you remember to allow your body to open to the new changes ahead, to flow like water and to be ready to move in new directions as your birth unfolds.

The henna paste used to create your “henna tattoo” it’s safe to use during pregnancy, and even though you can have your belly decorated at any time during pregnancy, having your third-trimester belly decorated by a local artist can be a beautiful moment to enjoy by yourself or surrounded by your loved ones.

Celebrate your pregnancy with this all natural and botanical form of art!

COST: Ranges from $80-130 depending on art

Honor Circle

This blessing is inspired by ancient traditions where the mother is surrounded by her circle of supportive women, providing a shower of love and support helping in the preparation to birth.

Unlike the traditional “baby shower”, an honor circle focuses on nurturing the woman by pampering her with gestures of love and support.

During your Honor Circle, you will be surrounded by your circle of friends. You can choose to enjoy getting your head decorated by a flower crown, your feet soaked with an herbal blend, having your belly decorated with henna art or creating a bead necklace with your friends representing words of encouragement.

Holistic family doulas will work with you to select the rituals that resonate with you. We will help you plan and guide this beautiful blessing.

Honor Circle support includes:

  • A meeting with the mother or the hostess to discuss your ideas and desires for the Honor Circle ceremony
  • We will help plan and coordinate the celebration details like snacks, art, materials, ideas, etc.
  • We will help you create the rituals for the ceremony, making sure that you are comfortable during this special day
  • We will guide the celebration and rituals during the blessing, making sure that everything runs smoothly

COST: $175-250 dependant on whether food is prepared for the event or henna art added

Pre-labor Mommy~Moon

Anxious as your due date is approaching? Wondering when the baby is going to come and why people won’t stop texting you? Are you wanting to prepare yourself more mentally and/or physically for labor?  Those last few weeks can be trying on some women- from not being able to get comfortable, to feeling worried about your due date and birth. In this one and half to two hour session, you will be pampered with:


  • Mother and Child Guided Meditation
  • Exercise identifying fears and releasing them and creating affirmations for the labor and delivery
  • Reiki Healing Energy Work


  • Nourishing herbal pregnancy tea
  • Massage
  • Positioning using Spinning Baby techniques including  rebozo
  • Acupressure

Women have reported great outcomes from this session. At the end of our time together you will feel relaxed, reassured and more prepared for labor.  This will help you savor the last few weeks.

This session can be held in the comfort of your home in the Western suburbs, in our home or at Kryssage Wellness in St. Charles.

COST: $150/session