All mothers are unique

We join you on your path to parenthood by offering education and support for a positive and healthy pregnancy and birth. We also provide relaxation support to help new mothers and moms-to-be cope with any physical, mental, and emotional challenges they may experience.

Because no journey to motherhood is the same, we provide customized, unbiased education, guidance, and support for women and their partners to plan their baby’s birth with confidence.

Learn more about our services, or contact our owners, Errin Bald and Libby Deutsch, to set up a consultation.

Postpartum Support

We’re here to support you during your 4th trimester. Ease into your new lives together with support from your postpartum doula. From breastfeeding to sleep education to keeping your home tidy, we’re here to help you enjoy your newest family member without added stress. 

Postpartum doula support can include: 

  • Newborn care and education: Learn about typical infant sleep and eating patterns and how to swaddle, diaper, feed, and calm your little one with the help of your postpartum doula. 
  • Day services: Keep the household running while you spend precious time with your little one.  Your doula can help with childcare, meal prep, and light cleaning, so you can give your attention to what’s needed most: your growing family. 

It Takes a Village

In previous eras, pregnant women and their families had the support of their entire communities. Today, we are often geographically separated from our families and disconnected from our communities. At Holistic Family Doulas we want to create a bridge between the conveniences of the modern world and the interpersonal connections of forgotten eras. We seek to provide a safe, relaxing, and nurturing experience for women and their families. Whether you’re pregnant and preparing for birth or navigating the challenges of infertility, we’ll be your village.


"Renee was fantastic! She took great care of our newborn baby which enabled me to focus on my self care during the early weeks and months. She also cooked us awesome dishes that we were in such need of and did some basic cleaning which was also so very helpful. Highly recommend Renee for postpartum support!"
Ekaterina B.
"My world had just been rocked and it felt so nice to have someone take care of me so I could continue taking care of my son. I will absolutely use Holistic Family Doula’s services again for baby #2!
Shannon J.
"Holistic Family Doulas are thorough in care and education before the birth and are such a comfort during the birth and in the vulnerable postpartum period."
Sara R.
"I also hired her for postpartum services and she helped physically, mentally, and emotionally heal. I really just needed someone to talk to and to let me be a normal human for a bit as I adjusted to motherhood. She always asked what she could help me with whether that was laundry, light cleaning, fixing me food, and providing me with self care like a yoni steam and a healing bath. She helped me feel like a human and a mom which are both things that women can really struggle with after delivery."
Paige M.
"Renee made me feel like a goddess after I gave birth, which is how all women should feel. She made nourishing meals and snacks, gave loving massages and beautiful baths that helped me stay connected to my baby while I recovered."
Marysia D.
“I call Errin my angel and I mean that whole heartedly. I was determined to have a different experience for my third pregnancy and hired Errin because support was something I didn't have after my first two pregnancies. I never dreamed how loved I would feel by this woman and how much she would love my baby. Whatever I needed, along with things I didn't even know I needed, was given to me and my family. My postpartum experience was beautiful because of her and I can't imagine doing things differently. Her knowledge of babies, women, pregnancy and postpartum is beyond what words can describe. She not only becomes a part of the family but becomes the teacher, showing us all how to navigate big changes and doing it calmly and lovingly. She is truly one of a kind.”
Angie B.
"The team at HFD is hands down the VERY BEST! If I ever have another baby, I would hire LIBBY again in a heartbeat! Thank you again for getting me through this birth! :)"
Andrea H.
"Libby was my doula for the birth of my daughter and her support was magnificent. This labor and delivery was significantly different than my first. Although I still dealt with some blood pressure issues, labor went a lot faster and we used the knowledge that we gained from my first delivery to guide the experience with this birth. Libby really worked closely with the nurses to come up with a plan to keep labor progressing and provided me with the mental support and space that I needed when I was scared to start pushing. Her guidance outside of the hospital was also excellent. We talked about many different topics including balancing two kids, lactation, healing, and future education as I explore becoming a doula myself. This company and these women have been the most valuable part of my experience bringing my kids into this world."
"It has been so difficult to put into words and to articulate what Errin’s services meant to me and my family. At our home birth, she was everything, strength, comfort, documenter, friend, whatever was needed at the particular moment. However, where her value can not be overstated was post birth when she went above and beyond to create a safe and relaxing space for us to focus on our newborn. She brought over meals, helped clean the house, basically took all the weight off of us so that we could truly be in our special moment with our family. Errin gave us something that can’t be quantified or measured, but will stay with us and in our hearts forever. This isn’t just another “great service” referral, this is a question of do you want to give your family the absolute best?"
Brandon H.