Postpartum Healing

The proper postpartum recovery is essential to the mother and the family. In this day and age more than ever women are expected to do so much so quickly.

Women are increasingly seeing the need to take time for their healing. Holistic Family Doulas can help ease the transition after having a baby by offering the following services: Belly Binding, Postpartum Healing Ceremonies, and Reiki and Singing Bowl Meditations.

Belly Binding

Belly binding is an excellent practice to encourage healing during your postpartum. Benkung Belly Binding is a wrapping technique from Maylasia but many cultures use some form of belly binding. Belly binding provides increased physical support (it feels like a warm soft hug!) and helps in the recovery process. Benefits of binding include: providing postural support for the torso and organs as they return to pre-pregnancy position, supports and assists abdominal wall healing and diastatis recti recovery, supports spine and posture realignment, reduces water, fat and air in the tissue and cells, stabilizes loose ligaments and helps to relieve lower back aches and strains. Belly wrapping can start as early as 5 days postpartum for vaginal births and 4-6 weeks for a cesarean birth (after an incision has healed). Belly binding is recommended for at least 40 days from the start of the first wrap.

Wrapping sessions take place in the comfort of your home and include the following:

Wrap – made from premium muslin
Wrapping – We will wrap you and show you how to wrap yourself. We can teach a friend or partner how to help wrap for the next time.
Sealing paste – Apply a warm oil massage with warming spices to your lower belly, helping reduce swelling and facilitate healthy digestion and uterine involution.
Instructions – We will leave you with a video link and instructions so you can do this on your own

Wrap can be purchased separately or are included with purchase of a session. This service can be preformed in the comfort of your own home or at Kryssage Wellness in St. Charles

COST: $125

Postpartum Healing Ceremony

Ceremonies are celebrations to honor rites of passage and the significance of monumental changes during our life time.  As doulas we bring ceremony to honor the transition into Motherhood, bringing closure to pregnancy and birth and welcoming the new stage of life.

In today’s culture of high expectations for new mothers to adjust quickly to their new life, we forget to honor the major transformation that occurred. A new baby, a family, demands of the house, work and other commitments can be overwhelming and make the transition difficult.

Holistic Family Doulas will customize a beautiful postpartum ceremony for you.  We will tailor a package that will include your choice of:

  • Belly Binding-  A healing paste will be applied, then we will apply a complimentary beautiful wrap and teach you and your partner how to do it for the next 40 days.
  • Reiki can help with many emotional and physical issues that you might experience after pregnancy. The gentle and balancing energies from Reiki can’t do any harm but can be incredibly beneficial to you and your baby by calming anxieties which are often associated with becoming a new mother.
  • Telling of your birth story and honoring your postpartum journey. This will be followed with a guided family connection meditation, blessing or prayer that will help solidify the events that took place and move forward into postpartum healing journey
  • Herbal healing Yoni Steam – Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is a traditional practice that encourages healing of the tissues by using herbs that have calming, anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties.  We will provide you with the organic healing herbal blend and can set you up to do one during the visit or you can do it on your own time.
  • Herbal Bath Blend –  This blend, handmade with love, Himalayan bath salts and healing herbs can be used so you can enjoy a ceremonial bath that can include your baby.

COST:  Parts of this ceremony is included in the birth doula package.  As a stand-alone, this can cost anywhere from $125 to $195 depending on what products are needed.


Having a reiki session during postpartum can be gentle but powerful healing experience.

Birth is an incredibly powerful moment in a woman’s life. It opens us to a whole new level of physical sensations and raw emotions. Receiving a Reiki session after the baby is born can help to heal any trauma that might have happened during birth, or balance the energies of a mother dealing with stress, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, low back pain, or any other issues that can arise after the birth of a child

Reiki can be performed in your home or ours in Warrenville or St. Charles. We also have space available in Naperville and St Charles.

COST: $95/session
$125 for a combination Reiki and Singing Bowl Session

Singing Bowl Meditation

Singing bowl meditation is an excellent self-care practice during pregnancy and postpartum. Vibrational therapy can help build the connection between your body and the universe. Music and sound are widely recognized in various cultures around the world as sources of healing and improving spiritual alignment. As you hold new life within you, singing bowls can help you resonate with your baby creating a beautiful, stronger bond through this experience. Pregnancy is an intimate journey impacting your whole body, emotions, and psyche. At times, you might find that your partner is feeling disconnected from the process. A singing bowl meditation is a great way to invite your partner to join you to resonate with you and your baby.

After you give birth the vibration of singing bowls and guided meditations can help you to reconnect with your body, to center yourself in this new stage of life and to move forward with a sense of peace.

Sessions take place in Warrenville.

COST:  $95/session
$125 combined with Reiki