People Are Choosing Postpartum Doulas


Suburban Chicago families are finding out they need help to make it through the first weeks of parenting on their own.
It’s hard.
Really hard.
And when you’re in it, the confounding part is that the “hard” is so elusive. It keeps moving. It shifts to just around the corner.

Is it caring for your baby? (The diapers, the clothing changes, learning to swaddle, sleep, hold, comfort, and feeding? )

Is it taking care of yourself? (Closing your womb, your tender undercarriage, leaking, learning about all the new parts of yourself that have arrived with this child? )

Is it all the relationships that make your life possible? (Is it connecting with doctors, family, your partner, work, and future caregivers?)

It’s all of it.
It’s a juggling act where the part that needs your attention is always the next thing falling down from above.

It’s a moving target of where to look and what to do – life with a new baby – is why people are looking to postpartum doulas to help. When you have postpartum support from Holistic Family Doulas, three things come with your doula: time, hands, and focus.

Have the time to do what you want: snuggle your baby, or tackle the project you’ve been itching to work on. Have an extra set of hands to use as your own. And regain the luxury to focus on one thing at a time without worry. Having a postpartum doula being in your home is all these things, and an overall calm expert to go over all the big and small details. And babies come with a lot of details.

If you are thinking of using a postpartum doula, here are a few things to consider when planning for care:

  • What feels most overwhelming about being home with your baby?
  • What would your ideal day look like?
  • What is the most important part of your recovery?
  • Would you prefer to have help at day, or night, or a mix of both?

It could be for one visit to help you get organized, or it could be a regular part of your week. How would you like a postpartum doula to help your family?