What is a Doula?

What is a doula?

Doula  n.  Derived from the Greek word, meaning “to serve.”  A woman who is trained to assist another woman in childbirth and provides support after the baby is born.

Studies show women who are supported by doulas experience shorter labors, more natural deliveries, improved breastfeeding, bonding and overall greater satisfaction with childbirth.  We have been trained in comfort techniques for labor that include acupressure, aromatherapy, position suggestions, reiki and other tools that make the labor smoother.

Holistic Family Doulas offer complete birth doula packages  and postpartum packages that fully support you during pregnancy,  birth and postpartum.  As mothers and certified doulas, we hold a wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich your birth and postpartum experience.  Our doulas have experience in all types of births including: twin births, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), high risk births, breech presentation, repeat cesarean births, water births, and births supported with different medications, included nitrous oxide.

After the baby is born, a postpartum doula can make a huge difference in how those few weeks and months unfold.  We love to support new moms and help them find their way as they navigate the waters bringing home a new baby.  We bring knowledge, strength and heart to nurture the new mother and the baby as well as the partner and/or any other siblings.

Our Philosophy

Birth is a beautiful, instinctual, natural process.  You have the power and internal resources to draw on during labor.  Your partner holds a vital role as well and will be supported and given the tools and resources to best serve you and participate fully in this sacred experience.

Every birth is different and unfolds in its own way.  Our goal is for you to come out of your birth experience feeling overjoyed and empowered.  Regardless of the outcome, we want you and your family to feel that you were informed every step of the way and were able to make decisions that allowed for the best outcome for you and your family.

We believe fully in our role as a birth keeper.  We are here to bear witness, hold space for your family, watch for patterns, share wisdom and provide tools when needed.

Entering your home to support you and your family after the baby is born is an honor.  We fully stand behind all parenting choices and trust the mother knows what is best for her baby.   We are here to for you in whatever ways you see fit and will find nothing but non-judgement, expert support.

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