Virtual Services

A Doula In Your Back Pocket


Parents are looking for new, flexible options when it comes to receiving emotional and educational support.  Pregnancy and early parenting are hard. To help make it easier, how about having an expert in your corner, ready to support you anytime? Whether you are in a rural area, have financial restrictions, or are exploring support options in light of new restrictive hospital policies, a virtual doula is an amazing option for you!

Currently, the COVID-19 outbreak has many hospitals allowing one person or less to offer support in birth. Time limits may extend to support after birth as well, leaving many concerned about the lack of support for their newborn and partner. While perhaps different than your ideal experience, we want you to take advantage of modern capabilities to provide support virtually throughout the whole process of becoming parents. 

Virtual support is a practical way to have access to information and continue you to prepare for this meaningful and beautiful time in your life. You will receive all the information you would if we were meeting in person with the convenience of your home or mobile device. 

We will answer questions and tailor the online sessions to your needs. Sessions include (but are not limited to):

  • What an undisturbed birth looks like
  • Stages and phases of labor
  • Exercises to do before birth
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Different medicines and interventions available
  • Putting together birth preferences
  • Use of comfort techniques like positioning and aromatherapy
  • Newborn and postpartum care tips
  • Plus, during your labor, we are available to answer questions and provide encouragement. 


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Some commonly asked questions to cover in virtual sessions:  

  • Am I really in labor? 
  • Is this my mucus plug? 
  • When should I go to the hospital? 
  • What is this procedure they are suggesting? 
  • What are the pros and cons of breaking my water now? 
  • What does this mean on the monitor? 
  • What other questions should I be asking my provider? 
  • The baby is here, now what? 
These services are especially helpful for women that are going through labor induction. By talking about what can occur during an induction we work through any concerns or fears.  When we can process these emotions, you benefit from feeling more prepared, and less anxious. 


Full Virtual Package

$850  -Payment plans optional
  • Free 30 min consultation
  • Three 60-minute on-line prenatal meetings with birthing person and partner
  • Help with coming up with questions for your health care provider
  • Access to [M]otherboard birth preference sheet ($50 value)
  • Access to an online portal full of educational worksheets, resources, and videos
  • Full text, email, phone, skype support starting at the signing of the contract
  • Distance Reiki sent prenatally as well as in labor
  • 50% off nourishing herbal teas and natural herbal salves
  • Meditations and breathing exercises for birthing person and baby
  • Text, phone, skype support during your labor
  • Postpartum visit to review the birth story, check on healing and answer any questions
  • Call and texts up to 4 weeks postpartum to discuss any healing or newborn questions

A La Carte Virtual Sessions

Perfect for those that need more prep work but don’t envision needing to text or face-time during labor. Or perhaps you have had your baby and are looking for newborn support, or healing information or energy support. Topics can include anything above, and also: help writing a birth plan,  Reiki energy work, or meditation. 


One 60-minute call: $85
Three 60 minute call Package: $240

Includes access to an online portal with educational worksheets, resources, and instructional videos

Six 55 minute Call Package: $460

 Includes access to an online portal with educational worksheets, resources, and instructional videos

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