Ceremonies are celebrations to honor rites of passage and the significance of monumental changes during our life time.

As doulas we bring ceremony to honor the transition into Motherhood, bringing closure to pregnancy and birth and welcoming the new stage of life.

Here are some of the ceremonies we offer. Call us for more information and to schedule a session.

Mother Blessing

This blessing  is inspired by ancient traditions where the mother is surrounded by her circle of supportive women, providing a shower of love and support helping in the preparation to birth.

Unlike the traditional “baby shower”, a mother blessing focuses on  nurturing the woman by pampering her with gestures of love and support.

During our Mother Blessing you will be surrounded by your circle of friends. You can choose to enjoy getting your head decorated by a flower crown, your feet soaked with an herbal blend, having your belly decorated with henna art or creating a bead necklace with your friends representing words of encouragement.

Holistic family doulas will work with you to select the rituals that resonate with you.  We will help you plan and guide this beautiful blessing.

Mother Blessing support includes:

  •  A meeting with the mother or the hostess to discuss your ideas and desires for the mother blessing ceremony
  • We will help plan and coordinate the celebration details like snacks, art, materials, ideas, etc
  • We will help you create the rituals for the ceremony, making sure that you are comfortable during this special day
  • We will guide the celebration and rituals during the blessing, making sure that everything runs smoothly


Postpartum Healing Ceremony

In today’s culture of high expectations for new mothers to adjust quickly to their new life, we forget to honor the major transformation that occurred. A new baby, a family, demands of the house, work and other commitments can be overwhelming and make the transition difficult.

Holistic Family Doulas will customize a beautiful postpartum ceremony for you.  We will tailor a package that will include your choice of:

  • Belly Binding-  A healing paste will be applied, then we will apply a complimentary beautiful wrap and teach you and your partner how to do it for the next 40 days.
  • Reiki can help with many emotional and physical issues that you might experience after pregnancy. The gentle and balancing energies from Reiki can’t do any harm but can be incredibly beneficial to you and your baby by calming anxieties which are often associated with becoming a new mother.
  • Telling of your birth story and honoring your postpartum journey. This will be followed with a guided family connection meditation, blessing or prayer that will help solidify the events that took place and move forward into postpartum healing journey
  • Herbal healing Yoni Steam – Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is a traditional practice that encourages healing of the tissues by using herbs that have calming, anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties.  We will provide you with the organic healing herbal blend and can set you up to do one during the visit or you can do it on your own time.
  • Herbal Bath Blend handmade with love, Himalayan bath salts and healing herbs, so you can enjoy a ceremonial bath that can include your baby.

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