Blessings, Rituals, and Ways to Honor Your Pregnancy Journey

Imagine walking into a pleasant and caring space where you are the focus of an afternoon. There is no one there who adds to your anxiety, and everyone who you hope to see when you are at your most vulnerable. A gathering of positive influence, nurturing energies, and valued trust, embodied by the friends and […]

4 Common Pregnancy Complaints and Holistic Solutions

4 Common Pregnancy Complaints and Holistic Solutions We have put together some holistic solutions to some of the most common pregnancy concerns. Nausea – For some, nausea never comes, and for others, it can last through the entire pregnancy. However, for most, nausea typically comes mid-way through the first trimester and continues until the beginning or […]

Self Love This Valentine’s Day

Self Love this Valentine’s Day While many people are thinking about passion with Valentine’s day arriving soon, perhaps a little compassion will be extended as well. And not generally speaking – but love and compassion for working towards a healthier you. Looking inward and having a vulnerable personal conversation about what you want, what you […]

Surviving Winter Pregnancy

Surviving Winter Pregnancy Being pregnant during winter months brings unique challenges to the forefront, and we’re not talking about trying to find a jacket that fits comfortably around your torso. No, winter months are simply a lot of work for pregnant people, on top of other difficulties that can come from pregnancy. If you are […]