Birth Doula Package

With Holistic Family Doulas, you have the unique privilege of having two doulas with different knowledge and backgrounds on call for you from the moment you hire us.

We offer different packages that can be customized to meet your needs.  Every package includes a complimentary consultation where you will meet both of us. Once hired,  we offer two prenatal visits packed with education and practical hands-on techniques. When you start labor, the primary doula will meet you in the comfort of your home until you are ready to go to hospital or birth center and will be with you until you meet your baby. We stay for 1 to 2 hours after the birth to make sure you and baby are settled. We will follow up with you within a week to check on you and your family.

Traditional Doula Package

  • Continuous support from the time you hire us through the final postpartum visit via text, e-mail, and phone.
  • Two prenatal visits to get to know your family, discuss any fears, hopes, and desires surrounding your birth.
  • In one of the prenatal visits, both of us will go meet with you, to make sure that you are familiar with the “back up doula”. We work as a team to ensure that your birth experience is comfortable, and with no unfamiliar faces at the moment of birth. You will have two doulas ready to assist you.
  • During one of the prenatal visits, we will spend some time practicing ancestral Rebozo techniques with you and your partner.  Together we will practice positions that can be used in labor and birth.
  • Teach and practice body opening and conditioning positions to prepare you for the birth of your child.
  • Guide you with information, ideas and options that are available to you to develop a birth plan.
  • Access to a lending library of books and Hypno-baby CDs
  • Immediately after birth, we will help foster your connection with the baby by providing breastfeeding support and holding space for the special bonding that happens
  • One postpartum follow-up visit to honor and recap the birth of your baby, support your healing and provide knowledge during the early postpartum period.

    Price- $950

Add on Services

Please see the other services and postpartum sections if you would like to choose other services to enhance the traditional package.  We offer private childbirth education, Reiki and singing bowl sessions, a mommy~moon, belly binding, meal service, henna art and more.  The more services added, the larger the discount.

Deluxe Package

Traditional Package plus Postpartum Doula Hours

In addition to the traditional package services offered above, any amount of postpartum doula hours can be added a discounted price per hour.

A popular package includes a traditional birth doula package and 25 hours of postpartum support.

Price – doula support plus 25 hours postpartum support- $1500

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