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Pregnancy is an enormous lifetime event, one where your body, mind, heart and spirit should be well cared for. But it’s not often treated as such. We want to change that. As certified doulas and caregivers, we are trained to treat the physical and energetic body as one, providing holistic support for the well-being of those who are pregnant, those who would like to become pregnant, as well as their partners.

Because all families are different, we provide individualized packages that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our services include energy work (reiki), birth education and, of course, physical and emotional support for the big day and the precious postpartum days that follow. Because our care is so complete—and so necessary—many continue with us from the journey of conception into postpartum. 

We want our clients to feel supported, seen and understood throughout their journeys into parenthood. We understand that your journey doesn’t end the moment you get pregnant or the moment you leave the hospital with your baby. We understand that your journey is just beginning.

We’re grateful that you’re considering us as your partners in pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We can’t wait to take this journey with you.

A note from our owners, Libby Deutsch & Errin Bald

Good things are coming! 

You deserve care and support during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Building a support team for your birth and postpartum period creates an empowering experience that builds a foundation for your family and helps you to move more confidently into this next phase of life. 

You can think of our team of doulas like knowledgeable, kind and understanding friends. Those you can call on when a challenge arises and who you can rely on, no strings attached. 

Doing this work is our greatest gift to receive and to give. If your path led you here and you’d like to work together, please explore our education, pregnancy, birth and postpartum service offerings or feel free to get in touch below.

Meet Our Team

Errin Bald (she/her)

Errin Bald, co-owner of Holistic Family Doulas, a childbirth educator and a certified birth and postpartum doula and consultant in the western suburbs of Chicago, providing care and guidance for families throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is incredibly passionate about supporting families in the way they need, following their lead and vision every time. 

Her work in birth began with her own birth experiences… 

Libby Deutsch (she/her)

Libby Deutsch, co-owner of Holistic Family Doulas, a certified birth doula through The Matrona and currently enrolled in the Birthing from Within Childbirth Educator program. Libby believes that giving birth to your child and the mother within is a life-changing, potent and transformational process. As a doula, she believes every birthing person deserves to feel heard, seen and understood in the way that makes them feel safe and whole so that they can have a positive birth experience. 

She is passionate about evidence-based birth information… 

Renee (she/her)

Renee is an experienced doula who understands the uniqueness of this special transition and is honored to be part of your support team. A seasoned pre and post natal yoga teacher and Thai bodyworker, she is now training in the Body Ready Method, an assessment and movement program to better prepare bodies for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. As a postpartum doula Renee provides holistic services including v-steams and healing soaks with Lara’s herbal blends and belly massage and binding… 


Tiffany (she/her)

Tiffany became passionate about birth during her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter. She valued the support of her birth team and felt empowered when her choices were validated. During the process she also realized that birth is not a one-size-fits-all experience.

As a makeup artist for over 15 years, she learned the importance of truly listening to clients and finding ways to help them feel… 

Shelli (she/her)

Shelli is a certified Labor Doula through The Matrona and a certified Postpartum Doula, Reflexologist, and Reiki Healer through By The Moon. Shelli’s love for the fertility journey started when she became an ultrasound technologist at a fertility clinic. During her years at the clinic and through her own fertility story, she discovered that many people desire a healing and holistic approach to their pregnancy path.

Alexa (she/her)

Alexa is a DONA-trained birth and postpartum doula. She provides continuity of care from pregnancy through labor, in postpartum, and beyond. She works flexible day and evening hours, is comfortable in a variety of settings, and is sensitive to the differing needs and requirements of all. Alexa offers full-spectrum, trauma-informed care.  Her practice incorporates holistic massage, yogic movement, and meditation… 

Carly Ann (she/her)

Carly Ann has been a doula for five years and attending over 70 births. Before she was a doula she worked in social justice education with teenagers. She began feeling dissatisfied with just talking shop about injustice, and found that doula work was a way to impact people directly while practicing her values of feminism, empowerment, anti-racism, holistic healing, and community…

Verity (she/her)

Verity is a super experienced doula who is trained through DONA as a birth doula and CAPPA as a postpartum doula. She is also trained holistically through HERBAL. She is trained in the Bradley Method, and is also a Breastfeeding Counselor, Perinatal and Infant Care Educator, and a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist. Verity is a student midwife. As a labor doula she loves to provide knowledge and help families find their deep inner knowing that will help with an empowered experience. As a postpartum doula specializes in baby care and education and helping babies get on a good routine…


“They truly carry a wealth of knowledge between them and have a genuine passion for supporting families. The postpartum workshop I attended was great because it was specific, covered important topics, and gave us hands-on activities for great postpartum care. Looking forward to future workshops by Holistic Family Doulas!”
Isabel G.
“Their line of holistic products (tea, lotion, balm, etc) were nice additions for extra relief both before and after birth. It’s so nice to have trusted guidance from experts during such a sacred time.”
Kristen G.
“They have a line of holistic products that brought a lot of calm and relief before and after pregnancy. I trust these women to support my and my child's well-being.”
Kristen G.
“These women are so fantastic and nurturing, you'd be hard pressed to find better doulas and better post-care anywhere in the west suburbs.”
Erin D.
"Renee was fantastic! She took great care of our newborn baby which enabled me to focus on my self care during the early weeks and months. She also cooked us awesome dishes that we were in such need of and did some basic cleaning which was also so very helpful. Highly recommend Renee for postpartum support!"
Ekaterina B.
"Holistic Family Doulas are thorough in care and education before the birth and are such a comfort during the birth and in the vulnerable postpartum period."
Sara R.
"My world had just been rocked and it felt so nice to have someone take care of me so I could continue taking care of my son. I will absolutely use Holistic Family Doula’s services again for baby #2!"
Shannon J.
"I can not recommend Errin enough. Being a first time mom, it was so nice to be able to text her with any of the off the wall, random questions that I had with no judgment. She has the most calming personality and helped put my mind at ease any time I had questions or concerns. After my daughter was born, she helped me even more. Her knowledge on c-section and postpartum care both mentally and physically helped me heal in the best way possible. I loved all of my pregnancy the good and the bad and I truly have Errin to thank for that."
Elizabeth H.
“The team at HFD is hands down the VERY BEST! If I ever have another baby, I would hire LIBBY again in a heartbeat! Thank you again for getting me through this birth! :)” -
Andrea H.
“Libby was my doula for the birth of my daughter and her support was magnificent. This labor and delivery was significantly different than my first. Although I still dealt with some blood pressure issues, labor went a lot faster and we used the knowledge that we gained from my first delivery to guide the experience with this birth. Libby really worked closely with the nurses to come up with a plan to keep labor progressing and provided me with the mental support and space that I needed when I was scared to start pushing. Her guidance outside of the hospital was also excellent. We talked about many different topics including balancing two kids, lactation, healing, and future education as I explore becoming a doula myself. This company and these women have been the most valuable part of my experience bringing my kids into this world.”
"It has been so difficult to put into words and to articulate what Errin’s services meant to me and my family. At our home birth, she was everything, strength, comfort, documenter, friend, whatever was needed at the particular moment. However, where her value can not be overstated was post birth when she went above and beyond to create a safe and relaxing space for us to focus on our newborn. She brought over meals, helped clean the house, basically took all the weight off of us so that we could truly be in our special moment with our family. Errin gave us something that can’t be quantified or measured, but will stay with us and in our hearts forever. This isn’t just another “great service” referral, this is a question of do you want to give your family the absolute best?"
Brandon H.
"We really appreciate all of the support that you and your agency have provided for us 🙂 It means the world to us! We will definitely recommend your company to anyone we know who is expecting!"