4 Apps That Make Life Easier for First-Time Parents

Source: Unsplash
For first-time parents, each day with their new baby brings different challenges. If you’ve just welcomed your first child into the world, you’re probably exhausted and stressed out, and even though you’re grateful that your dream of becoming a parent is finally a reality, you might be struggling to adjust to some aspects of this new phase in your life.
Thankfully, technology is making life a little easier for new parents. With these convenient smartphone apps, you’ll be able to keep track of your baby’s development, access expert advice on parenthood, and even soothe your baby when they’re feeling fussy.
My Baby Today
My Baby Today is the app that does it all. It’s like having a child development expert by your side at all times to answer your millions of questions. Whether your baby is a few weeks old or a couple of months, you can tap into a digital library full of advice from professionals.
The app also provides checklists with weekly suggestions for activities based on your baby’s developmental stage, safety tips, questions you may want to ask your doctor, and more. Plus, you can connect with other moms and tap into a community of parents who are all going through the same thing.
Sleep Baby Sleep
Some adults find it easier to sleep with a white noise machine – and it turns out that white noise can help babies fall asleep, too! The app Sleep Baby Sleep offers a choice of several white noises that will likely be familiar and comforting for your baby, like the sound of a hairdryer, running water, womb sounds, and more. Parents should note that keeping the volume at an appropriately low level is crucial, as turning it up too loud can actually hurt your baby’s ears.
Even with a helpful app like Sleep Baby Sleep, there’s no avoiding the fact that infants will frequently wake up throughout the night. Kindred Bravely recommends stashing a portable charger in your diaper bag – when you need to charge your phone after a late-night nursing session, you’ll be grateful that you thought ahead.
Mommy Saver: High Contrast Baby Visual Stimulation
According to First Cry Parenting, babies respond positively to visual stimulation from high contrast images, like pictures in black and white or bright colors. This is because they are not able to distinguish between colors as easily as adults. The Mommy Saver app displays high-contrast, animated visuals on your smartphone screen, which can help keep your baby entertained.
Pampers recommend strictly limiting screen time for babies, so this app isn’t for extended use – but in a pinch, it can work wonders! Mommy Saver also plays classical music, which can help calm down your baby. Many parents find that their babies seem happier and more relaxed when they hear music.
Glow Baby
Want to easily track all of your baby’s big milestones? The Glow Baby app allows you to log important moments in your baby’s development. In addition, you can also log and track your breastfeeding sessions, your baby’s sleep schedule, and diaper changes.
Basically, Glow Baby gives you the tools you need to store all kinds of data about your baby. Whether you simply want to note any interesting patterns or bring this information to your doctor with questions, you can do all of this and more with Glow Baby. The app also gives you parenting tips and the option to upload baby photos.
Handling all of the responsibilities that come along with being a first-time parent is never easy. That’s why new parents should take advantage of all the supportive tools that can help them navigate the first few months of their child’s life. Downloading these apps can make life simpler for you and your baby.